Leaving Iceland

Fujifilm X-T1, ISO 200, FL 50 mm, 1.0 sec @ f/20

Fujifilm X-T1, ISO 200, FL 50 mm, 1.0 sec @ f/20

I’m leaving Iceland today and I think I am going to start planning another trip soon.  I think I would like to see Iceland in all seasons.  It is an incredible country of contrasts and wild, rugged environments.  The Icelandic people I met were all friendly and helpful.  But one characteristic that also seemed to predominate in the Icelanders that I met was a self-confidence and certainty about themselves.  In some of the countries I have traveled where tourism is a large part of the economy, the locals are often TOO accommodating.  I feel as tho they are sacrificing their own identity in order to make foreigners feel at home.  But I never saw that in Iceland.  It’s as though the Icelanders KNOW they live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and they are very proud of their country.  They don’t mind foreigners visiting but their attitude seems to be more one of pride and deep satisfaction with their own country, their culture, themselves.  They are generous in sharing with other people from around the world and take deep pleasure when others enjoy their country as much as they do.  But they have no desire to be anything other than what they are – a proud, Scandinavian culture living in one of the most sublime countries on Earth.

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